Audio Visual

Audio Visual (iAV) design over the last decade has developed considerably particularly the way media is digitally transported, 3BYK are experts in this field and have considerable experience in all areas of audio visual design, from large bespoke HD LED video walls to invisible surround sound, to a fibre optic, ultra-HD 4k-8K video distribution system, or a fully automatic camera robotic system.

 A perfectly integrated audio-visual system can seamlessly deliver exceptional quality sound and picture to any room in your building. Using the latest technologies 3BYK will design an integrated audio visual system to effortlessly deliver what your guest requires either to your ballroom, or all front of house areas, hotel resort, to your corporate boardroom or your country manor.


Innovation is inherent in virtually every project we deliver, we can design stage engineering system specifically for each venue, these services can include; staging, track and drape systems, powered and manual flying, scenery fittings and projection screens, stage lifts, acoustic treatments

We have a full service workshop that can supply all system we design using our 5 Axis CNC facilities, these machines broaden our prototyping and production capabilities meaning we can provide a complete 3D package from data gathering, CAD design and on to realisation. Whatever your requirement either pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical our specialist and experienced engineers can provide automation to move or automate whatever your project requires.

For your next stage engineering project contact us for a different point of view and solution.



We offer a wide range of services to our discerning customers. Our current scope of expertise covers, and is not limited to; Architectural Acoustics – Acoustic design of different types of buildings relating to building structure, components and facades.

Interior Acoustics, Acoustic design of interior environments relating to design of finishes, shapes and forms of special buildings and enclosures such as Auditoria, Concert Halls, Exhibition Venues, Theatres, Cinemas, Opera Houses, Night Clubs, Television and & recording studios, Conference Centres and Sports Stadiums.

Specialist Lighting

We design and develop both theatre lighting as well as architectural lighting   and a perfectly integrated lighting control system allows you to optimise and control both natural and artificial light to create the ideal atmosphere for any task at any time, whether you are looking for a bright, clean light to enrich your working environment, or a warm, energy efficient glow for a tranquil evening experience.

Our theatre lighting schemes will provide you with show lighting for your theatre, ballroom, night club, stage, bar or even a stadium, we are experienced in all scales and levels of systems; we specialise in new builds but also have years of experience in renovations of historic buildings and bringing current venues up to standard.


Technology is our sole interest – it is at the forefront of what we do. Whether your business requires a simple set of upgrades, a redesign of your current systems, or a brand new system implementation, design lab can help.

As with most of our other services, 3BYK will first perform an analysis of your existing infrastructure and business requirements. With the findings of our analysis of your environment, and the depth of our expertise, we stand on excellent footing to advise you.

The results of our analysis will allow us to design a cost effective system to handle your business needs. We design from the top down, first learning about the business functionality and then designing the right system for your business.

Easy to understand IT. Our reports and findings will not be presented in technical terms but in terms of your business – in a manner that is understandable for those who are not IT professionals.

Most importantly 3BYK designs business systems with reliability and stability as a prime ingredient.

We particularly specialise in IT hospitality systems and have extensive experience in all areas of hospitality from hotel, to theatre complexes.


Security has become an essential element in all buildings both commercial and high-end residences, but it needn’t be a concern to you the client. A perfectly integrated security system can incorporate discreet, high definition CCTV with remote access capability, keyless entry and intelligent fire and smoke alarms in one tailored package.

Security should be a seamless part of your integrated system to ensure the highest standards of guest and co worker safety. Using the latest, state of the art products we can deliver a truly global system capable of remote operation allowing your security team to be located anywhere in the world.

Our security systems are designed specifically for either residential or commercial, we understand that both require different priorities and user-ability, speak to us confidentially and we will advise and draw up a security plan in line with your daily needs.

Custom Panels

We offer a full service to our client including design, manufacture and installation of custom panels specifically for the audio visual and production lighting industry, but also to the semi pro user requiring that one off item.

For further details and a detailed quote please forward your sketch and required inputs and outputs and we will issue a complete quote.


Sense Seat

Sense.Seat is an innovative high-tech pod that allows you to work more creatively or to relax more peacefully. Built for Hotels, Airports, Co-Working Spaces, High-Tech Companies, and spaces where it becomes important to induce better moods, take work breaks or simply to regain focus. 3BYK are proud to be partners on this outstanding and unique project.

3BYK Design Build Specialists

3BYK are a select dedicated team of experienced, knowledgeable certified system designers working alongside a varied professional client base in some of the remotest parts of the world, currently we are developing designs in the Caribbean, Maldives, UAE, Bangladesh, Kuwait and Bhutan to name a few, this allows us to work with you or your client and come up with a class leading design that is the most cost effective, meeting your standards and the operators while still maintaining modernity and system stability. We understand the potential for technology to enhance your business and enrich your life as well as your guests.  In fact we treat technology as an Art form and love helping clients to create wonderful masterpieces.



Motion + Robotic Camera System

3BYK are proud to be currently testing their new 4K Robotic Camera Solution a dedicated system which provides a totally automatic / semi automatic / Manual control over 24 Pan, Tilt, Zoom, camera heads. The User Interface (UI+) is a complete touch control system allowing for instant control over all the cameras on board settings, Live feed, Streaming, and perfect integration with all the Bosch conference systems. Driven by a custom  rack mounted silent* operation control room server.

For more exciting news on the Motion+ Robotic camera System or for a custom quote please do not hesitate to drop us a line at any of our studios.

Custom Software Development

3BYK have a dedicated team developing innovative software packages providing that ever so important bridge between manufacturers products and the expected client user interface.

We have current up to date plugins for the Bosch Dicentis System allowing for voting result to be seen on a third party large video walls, plus options to allow for the importing and exporting of excel files, important software vital for your clients smooth running of meetings.

In addition we have integration software allowing for the vital link between the Bosch Dicentis Conference  System and the Ross Broadcast Automated camera control system.

For further information on any of these products  just drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Next Steps...

Feel free to contact us in the first instance by email with a short description of your project with contact details and one of our project directors we will call you back at your convenience.

3BYK Technical Services Ltd

We now have a central Bangkok, site specific fully equipped service studio allowing us to provide a full service and support to all our South East Asia clients, with a number of service packages from immediate telephone support 24/7 to 4 to 12 hour site support anywhere in South East Asia, on call every day of the year.

If you would like to take advantage of one of our bespoke service packages in the first instance please email our main design studio with your requirements and we will draft a bespoke service package taking into consideration all your needs. Renewal Service packages can run from 1 year to 5 years.

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